Just a little something for you all to see why it is I am lucky she puts up with me. :)

<Justin> yeah
<Justin> we've got spiderwebs all over the office.
<Justin> fake ones
<Justin> or I wouldn't be here. :)
<Maribeth> lol
<Maribeth> my burly, football player, huge ass sexy chested man afraid of spiders
<Maribeth> but I love him to death!
<Maribeth> i'm absolutely positive you wouldn't be there if the webs were like that from spiders
<Justin> lol
<Justin> hell no
<Justin> not without my shotgun
<Justin> I killed a huge frigging spider in the shower today too
<Justin> No spiders in the shower!
<Justin> which is a subset of the rule, no spiders when I'm naked!
<Maribeth> lmao
<Maribeth> well, some I have no control of
<Justin> worst, i only saw him when I was done, so i showered with him the whole time. :P
<Maribeth> but I will do my best in cleaning to have no spiders
<Justin> wolf spider, but regardless, it's way dead
<Maribeth> lol
<Maribeth> all I ask is this. I know technically it's YOUR home. but no shotguns, fire, or knives to kill spiders please
<Justin> I think I can live with that maybe
<Maribeth> lol-I was ok til I read maybe
<Justin> you know I will try to honor your request, but clock spider gets the shotgun
<Maribeth> lol
<Maribeth> tell ya what. if you encounter one of them in the home and i;m not there, call me before you do anything
<Justin> what if it's on the phone? calling international?
<Maribeth> lmao
<Maribeth> your silly
<Justin> and besides, honestly, I'd stab him with a sword anyway.
<Maribeth> Justinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
<Justin> what?
<Maribeth> no sword fighting with spiders
<Justin> honey, if it has a body 8 inches across, I sure as crap ain't using a paper towel or toliet paper. It's getting stabbed, and perferably by something a good 3 feet long.
<Maribeth> lol
<Maribeth> if it's THAT big, i'm going to tell you to get the heck outta the house!
<Justin> Nah, must kill it, lest it escape and I can't find it again, cause once I see THAT thing in the house, if I don't know where he is without being assured he's dead, it's gonna be his house, not mine.
<Maribeth> lol
<Maribeth> well, I highly doubt we;ll get huge ass spiders like that here. I think those are more in warmer climates
<Justin> Well according to wkikpedia, they're not that far away
<Maribeth> how far away?
<Maribeth> more florida and hawaii
<Justin> the green line touches us
<Maribeth> don't worry honey
<Justin> I wonder what GAT would say if I went in and asked if they had spider shot for the 12 gauge.
<Maribeth> lol
<Maribeth> well, hate be to honest, but they may laugh at ya
<Justin> not if they saw the spider